Immunoregulation: A New Horizon Ahead


Immunoregulation Research Center , Shahed University< Tehran, Iran


Immunoregulation, in terms of disease and health status, occupies an extensive research domain. Following new discoveries in the fields of pathophysiology and molecular mechanism, and considering the comprehensive list of diseases including infectious, cancer, inflammatory, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gynaecological, dermatological, and pulmonary, one rarely finds a disease with no identified immune response role and the obvious footprint of molecular components of immune responses such as cytokines, inflammatory molecules, and antibodies. Consequently, molecules involved in immune responses are the main reason for the exploration and drafting of the effective diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers for the majority of diseases. In most cases, the disease is associated with dysregulation of the immune response. Therefore, consideration of immunoregulation both in health status, for the maintenance of health and prevention of the disease, and in disease status, for relief from the disease and return to health, is crucially important....